June, 2017

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of This Neck Pain?

Clear Lake City Chiropractor Comments: Neck pain is a very common complaint that chiropractors treat on a regular basis.  Most people will experience neck pain during their lifetime requiring professional care and the choice between chiropractic or some other form of health care certainly exists.  Chiropractic is a non-drug, non-surgical option many find appealing because […]

Do I Need to Have Surgery For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

“For the last few months, I’ve been waking up at night with numbness and tingling in my hand.  Lately, I’ve been waking up more often, 3-4 times a night and I’m having a hard time falling back to sleep.  When I drive, my hands fall asleep within a few minutes and I have to shake […]

What Can I Do To Help Myself After Whiplash?

Houston Chiropractor Comments: Whiplash occurs when the neck is suddenly and forcefully jerked, and is typically associated with car crashes.  The speed at which the neck is forced upon impact is faster than we can contract our muscles in attempt to stop the forceful movement.  This results in muscle, tendon, and/or ligament over-stretching, even tearing.  […]

Conservative Care and Back Surgery

Conservative Care = Cost Effective Low back pain care initiated by a medical doctor (MD) is going to cost 20% greater than low back pain care initiated by a doctor of chiropractic (DC). Likelihood of Surgery For Workers with Back Injuries First point of contact: Surgeon/MD – 42.7% First point of contact: Chiropractic physician/DC – […]