July, 2017

What exactly is “Good Head Posture?”

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Have you ever noticed how many people have terrible posture?  One of the most common faulty postures is called “forward head carriage” or “anterior based occiput.”  Other terms are “hump back” or slouching. There are several reasons for this common postural fault.  One is the weight of the head is, on […]

Easy Low Back Stretches

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: I’m sure we’ve all rationalized our inability to keep up with stretches, especially after our episode of low back pain (LBP) subsides. In fact, only about 4% of LBP patients continue doing their stretches after their pain subsides. That means 96% of us with chronic, recurring low back pain DO NOT […]

Causes and Treatment of Headaches

 Houston Chiropractor Comments: Few conditions leave their victims as miserable and agitated as headaches.  There are many causes of headaches including stress, odors, bright lights, noise, fatigue, certain foods, hormonal shifts, allergies, as well as genetic predisposition.  With all the possible causes of headaches, it’s not surprising many people seek help from many different approaches […]

What Can I Do To Lower My Risk For Low Back Pain?

Houston Chiropractor Comments: Low back pain (LBP) can have many causes such as genetics, acquired abuses, body type (especially obesity – body mass index or BMI >30), gender, as well as cultural aspects that predispose one to acquire low back trouble.  So, the question remains, “what can I do to reduce my risk for developing […]