September, 2017

Safer Solutions to Opioids

  A safer solution to opioids: Choose Chiropractic First Drug-Free | Effective | Non-Invasive Doctors of Chiropractic who receive a minimum of seven years of higher education – are specifically trained to diagnose, evaluate and provide non-pharmacological care and rehabilitation to individuals with joint and spine-related pain.

What Are The Chiropractic Educational Requirements?

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Have you ever wondered how many years your treating chiropractic doctor went to school for or how their education compares to that of other health care professionals? Knowing your doctor’s educational background and additional certifications is often essential to helping you choose the health care provider that is right for you. […]

When Back Pain Isn’t Caused By Your Back

Houston Chiropractor Comments: It seems odd when you say it, but sometimes back pain isn’t caused by your back. As a chiropractor, we are trained to determine the cause of someone’s back pain. This allows us to determine if the complaint is minor and can be handled out of the office with stretches and exercises, […]