February, 2018

3 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Dr. Ward Beecher walks you through 3 stretches to help with lower back pain. 1. Laying on back, pull knee up to chest. 2. Laying on back, roll knee over opposite leg while keeping shoulder flat. 3. While on stomach, keeping hips flat on surface, push upper body up. Check out the video to learn […]

Reduced Medicare Costs With Chiropractic Care

More chiropractic care visits are associated with fewer visits to a primary care physician for medicare patients.    

Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI’s) And Spinal Manipulation

Houston Chiropractor Comments: Most of the time when patients come into our office, chiropractic spinal manipulation (adjustments) and therapy makes their pain go away. Sometimes patients have gotten their spines too irritated and inflamed and we have to co-manage their problem with a medical doctor who treats them with epidural steroid injections (ESI’s). Sometimes the […]

Stretches to Help With Forearm, Hand, and Wrist Pain

Dr. Ward Beecher walks you through some wrist stretches that will help  with forearm, wrist, and hand pain. Often these are thought of as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. However, the majority of the time it’s the muscles joints and side of the wrists that need to be properly stretched. Use these stretches to help with your […]