July, 2018

Keeping Cool When The Weather Is Hot

Clear Lake City Chiropractor Comment: As the temperature gets in to the upper 90’s and the heat index is well into the 100’s, the weather goes from being uncomfortable to deadly. Working or exercising in hot weather puts additional stresses on your body. The activity, temperature and humidity can all increase your core temperature causing […]

Positional Vertigo Treatment – Epley Maneuver

Dr. Beecher shares some techniques for dealing with Vertigo.

Vertigo… When The World Keeps Spinning Around

Houston Chiropractor Comments: A couple times a year I see a patient who has recently developed signs of vertigo and the result can be debilitating. Sometimes it feels like the world is spinning around you and sometimes you are spinning around the world. The dizziness can be mild or severe enough that you can’t drive […]

What is that Cracking Noise During Adjustment?

One of the most common questions we get during a chiropractic adjustment is; “What is that cracking noise?” Watch the video below to learn more.