The Body & Mind and Connection of Whiplash?

Clear Lake Chiropractor Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: The term “whiplash” refers to an injury to the neck muscles, the muscle attachments (tendons), ligaments, and sometimes the disks that lie between the vertebral bodies of the spine.  In a rear-end collision, the cause of whiplash occurs from a sudden, rapid acceleration of the body and neck […]

Top 5 Chiropractic Myths

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: In the 28 years that I have been a chiropractor, I have been consistently surprised by some of the myths about chiropractic and chiropractors that still persist today. Here are the ones that I hear the most. Adjustments hurt: When someone is experiencing back pain the last thing they want to […]


To download a copy of this newsletter, please click here. Scoliosis Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Scoliosis is not a specific disease, but instead a term used to describe any curvature to the spine. Scoliosis is typically noted during the childhood growth period (age 9-15), in females, and in people with a family history of scoliosis. […]

Are Doctors of Chiropractic “Real” Doctors?

Clear Lake City Chiropractor Comments: I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before: “Don’t go to a Chiropractor. They will crack your bones and hurt you.”  Or, “You definitely shouldn’t go if you have a herniated disk.” Or, “Never let them ‘crack’ your neck!” Well, nothing could be further from the truth.  Take a look […]

What is a Degenerated Disc?

Houston Area Chiropractor Comments: A report from your doctor that you have a “degenerated disc” can sound scary until you realize that lots of people have degenerated discs and it does not mean surgery. It is important to understand how the disc works in the low back, how it is injured, and how it can […]

Headaches: Is it all in my head?

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Probably not is what most research indicates. Most head pains are caused by problems outside the head: too little sleep, too much alcohol, or too much stress. Rarely is there a trauma in the head or a stroke causing the pain. More common, neck injuries from whiplash or sporting accidents, can […]

Dr. Beecher’s May 2011 Monthly Chiropractic Newsletter

To download Dr. Beecher’s Monthly Newsletter, please click here! VOLUME 11 ISSUE 5 In Good Hands   A Free Monthly Newsletter For The Friends and Patients of Ward Beecher DC   “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E. E. Cummings […]

Dr. Beecher’s January 17th, 2011 Chiropractic Newsletter

This weeks Health News Update discusses health advice for cold weather, the benefits of fruits and vegetables, how yoga could help the prison population and the benefits of chiropractic care. To download this week’s newsletter, please click here.

Low Back Pain and Your Emotions

Clear Lake City Doctor Comments: This article discusses how anger and emotional expression may affect your back pain. For years many medical doctors thought back pain was more of an issue in the brain than the spine. Research has shown this to be the case in many who are disabled from work. But mechanical sprain […]

Headache Triggers and Causes

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: We often think headaches are caused by different stressful triggers. It could be long days at work, or staring at a computer screen all night, or the aggravation of a long commute in a traffic jam. Some of us get headaches after drinking red wine, or eating certain foods. While these […]