Whiplash from Car Accidents in Houston

Even if you have been involved in a low-speed car accident, you could be suffering from a condition known as whiplash. When left untreated, whiplash can lead to a number of complications and cause chronic pain and disability. Traumatic injuries suffered in car accidents are a serious problem that require prompt attention. If you think you may have whiplash, your local Houston chiropractor – Beecher Chiropractic can help with any auto accident whiplash treatment.

Whiplash occurs most often during car accidents. It occurs as the result of the quickly moving forward and snapping back. Imagine what happens when someone cracks a whip, and you will have a good idea of what happens to your neck during a whiplash injury.

It often causes a number of related injuries, including spinal misalignment, pinched nerves, muscle spasms and ligament tearing.

How Beecher Chiropractic Can Help With Auto Accident Whiplash

If you have been involved in a car accident in the Houston area, it is important to see a chiropractor right away – even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms. Sometimes the pain and discomfort of this type of injury does not present itself for several days. When you see a chiropractor for whiplash, we will perform a thorough examination to determine the extent of your injury. Seeking prompt chiropractic treatment ensures that we can successfully.

  • Reduce your pain
  • Restore range of motion
  • Speed up healing
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Prevent chronic symptoms that could plague you for years

The sooner you see your chiropractor, the more likely you’ll be to get back to living your life as you did prior to the accident.

Treatment for Whiplash in Houston

If you need treatment for whiplash in Houston, trust Dr. Ward Beecher of Beecher Chiropractic. He has been helping area residents with their whiplash treatment needs since 1990 and would be more than happy to help take care of your injury and prevent long-term pain and disability. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and think you are suffering from whiplash, call 281-286-1300 today.