Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy?

Clear Lake City Chiropractor Comments: Recently we have had numerous patients asking me if it is safe for them to be adjusted while they are pregnant. After congratulating them on their good news, I tell them that there are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. Chiropractors are trained to work with women who are pregnant. The wellness of women who are pregnant or trying to conceive is a routine care for most chiropractors.

Now some people are wondering why a woman would need to be adjusted during their pregnancy. The simple answer is so that they can feel better. The better answer is that their body is changing at a rapid rate. Weight is being added and moved to different areas. This puts new strains on joints that the body isn’t use to. As the pregnancy progresses, the joints become looser to allow for delivery during the birth. By keeping the joints mobile, we can minimize the muscle discomfort and typically keep the mother moving and not needing any extended bed rest while making the ultimate delivery easier.

What is chiropractic care? Chiropractic care involves diagnosing spinal misalignments and correcting them by using the hands or instrument to manipulate, or adjust the spine, joints, and muscles. With pregnant women, chiropractors typically use gentler pressure than the more forceful manipulations that can be done on other adults.

There are other treatments if the child is presenting breach, such as the Webster Technique, but that will be another blog.

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