Chiropractic Treatment For Paresthesia

Clear Lake City Chiropractor Comments: Recently I have had two separate patients referred in to my office with a diagnosis of paresthesia from their medical doctor. While I was performing my history and examination, I asked them if they knew what paresthesia was. They were not exactly sure, so I told them that it was an abnormal touch sensation, such as burning or prickling, that occurs without an outside stimulus.

Their medical doctors had ruled out any neuropathy that was linked to deficiencies (like with B vitamins), diabetes, infections, and exposure to toxins like alcohol or heavy metals. My job, as a chiropractic doctor, was to find out if it was caused by any nerve compression or injury.

One of the patients had been involved in an auto accident that had caused neck and arm complaints. Specific chiropractic adjustments of the neck and upper extremity were able to remove the irritation of the nerve and alleviate the symptoms. Physical modalities were able to remove the inflammation and the patient was able to have a complete recovery.

The other patient had been sleeping on a hard metal bunk for several months while overseas working. His problem had been gradually getting worse over time until his employer sent him back home. His condition required extensive soft tissue work to break down the muscle scar tissue with IASTM, performing nerve flossing as well as specific stretches and exercises. He was able to recover approximately 90%.

It is important that if you have any sort of change in your arms or legs that involve numbness, tingling, burning or weakness, that you get evaluated by a doctor that has treated these conditions. You can start with your doctor of chiropractic first to see if it is caused by a mechanical complaint or by your medical doctor to see if there is another cause, but do not wait several weeks or months. Waiting can allow the paresthesia to become permanent to some degree. 

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