Does Dehydration Affect Your Spine?

Houston Chiropractor Comments: As the weather heats back up here in Texas, we run the risk of becoming dehydrated by not making sure that we drink enough water and fluids. This can cause a variety of health concerns.

Our body is composed of up to 50% water and when you are not properly hydrated, you can begin to suffer from dehydration. Typically, you will first notice headaches and dizziness, but it can also result in back and joint pain.

Dehydration has a direct affect on our spine, since it pulls fluids from all areas of the body to support the brain. This leaves the joints, discs, and other connective tissues weak and unable to properly support and cushion the bones. Water helps to hydrate discs located between your vertebrae in your spine and prevents your tendons, ligaments, and muscles from becoming stiff and tight.

If you have chronic dehydration that has affected your spine, it can take 1-2 months to properly rehydrate your discs. You cannot just drink more water for a day or two and correct the problem, you will pee out the extra water before it gets absorbed. It needs to be a gradual increase and then maintained.

Make sure to drink water, milk, or fruit juices before you feel thirsty. Snack on water-rich fruits like melons and berries and minimized drinks like sodas.

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