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Week of Monday,  July 25th, 2011

Mental Attitude: Depression And Negative Thoughts. We all have ups and downs (a fight with a friend, a divorce, the loss of a parent, etc.). Most people get over it, while some people go on to develop major depression. People with depression get stuck on bad thoughts because they’re unable to turn their attention away… they keep going over their troubles. Even though they know better, they can’t stop doing it. Association for Psychological Science, June 2011


Health Alert: Energy Drinks? Energy Drinks contain stimulants, such as taurine, guarana and caffeine. Caffeine has been associated with several damaging effects on children’s cardiovascular and developing neurologic systems. Energy drinks are totally unsuitable for children and teenagers. In most cases, the main source of hydration for children should be water. American Academy of Pediatrics, May 2011


Diet: Watch Your Diet, New Super Sticky Cholesterol? MGmin-low-density lipoprotein (LDL), a form of ultra- bad cholesterol that significantly increases the risk of heart disease, has been discovered at the University of Warwick, England. MGmin-LDL is much stickier than normal LDL and is more common among elderly individuals, as well as those with type-II diabetes. It attaches to the walls of arteries more readily, where it forms fatty plaques

that cause coronary heart disease. As the plaques grow, the arteries become narrower, resulting in reduced blood flow. The artery can eventually rupture and blood clots can form, raising the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Diabetes, May 2011


Exercise: PE? Despite state requirements that middle and high school students get 400 minutes of PE every 10 days,

1.3 million – 38% of all adolescents in California public schools – do not participate in any school-based PE classes. Contributing to the decline are cuts to PE programs and exemptions allowing high school students to skip up to 2

years of PE. The proportion of teens participating in PE drops with age, from 95% at age 12 to 23% at age 17.

UCLA, June 2011


Chiropractic: Workers’ Compensation And Chiropractic Care. A recent study concluded chiropractic care to be more effective for common, work-related low back pain when compared to treatment by a physical therapist or physician. Overall, chiropractic patients had lower medical expenses, fewer disability recurrences and shorter initial periods of disability. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011


Wellness/Prevention: Better Workout Results In Cup. One way to enhance the effects of your workout and the integrity of your muscle physiology is by consuming a protein drink (containing as little as 20g of protein) after each workout. American Societies for Experimental Biology, June 2011


Quote: “To succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” ~ Bill Cosby


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