How To Avoid Backpain While Breastfeeding

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: After the joy of childbirth comes the realization that taking care of an infant causes back pain. Suddenly you are carrying around a baby that only grows larger. You are bending over to change diapers and to place them in their crib or bassinet. You are also feeding the child several times a day.

One of the questions that I get regularly is “How can avoid backpain while breastfeeding?”

The most important thing is sitting correctly. You can even semi-recline on a couch or adjustable chair. Allow yourself to use pillows to support your baby while they are feeding. 

Periodically you should change your position. This allows you to use different muscles and not overuse just one set.

You can try feeding the infant in front of a mirror. This allows you to see if you are in an awkward position.

Sometimes you can get up and walk around while feeding. Remember that movement is beneficial.

Other things that are beneficial to preventing backpain is staying hydrated by drinking enough fluids, getting some rest while the baby is sleeping (if possible), and getting some exercise so that you can use other muscles.

To help minimize any pain that occurs, remember to stretch, use a heating pad, or hot water bottle, and keep up with your regular chiropractic care.

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