Is Low Back Pain Serious?

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Clear Lake Doctor of Chiropractic Comments: Back problems can cause a good deal of worry and for good reason. Any problem that doesn’t go away on its own in a reasonable period of time should be a cause for concern. Rarely, severe low back pain can be caused by tumors and other destructive processes, so it’s important to have these serious conditions ruled out with a thorough examination and x-rays or other imaging.

The other serious aspect of back pain, much more common than a spinal cord tumor, is how it can affect your quality of life, often with devastating consequences.

Research has shown how disabling severe back problems can be. In terms of quality of life, the decrease can be even more than that seen with heart and lung problems.

This may not seem correct at first glance, but if you think about a back problem making you unable sit or function at work, or basically being able to enjoy life, then it becomes more understandable.

The trouble is, many of us think lying on the couch will do the trick, or taking aspirin every day is a good long-term solution.Is Low Back Pain Serious

Sprain subluxations that displace the joints of your spine are sometimes referred to as mechanical disorders. These can be detected by analyzing how your spine moves in a precise manner. Sometimes x-rays can show displacements of the lumbar vertebrae or pelvic bones.  X-rays are taken from two angles to see the alignment of the spinal joints. X-rays can also show bone destructive or degenerative processes that help to diagnose your problem, and show if adjustments are indicated.

We direct our care at improving the posture and mobility of the spine as a way to speed recovery. We find that just addressing the pain with medications or adhering to strict bed rest can be counter productive. The adjustments are applied in a careful and specific manner. As the loads on the spine are more equalized and as joints begin to exhibit more flexibility, the body is placed in a more optimal environment for healing. Since self-care is also integral to our approach, we will encourage proper stretching and exercises to help maintain and extend what we can do in the clinic.

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