Movement is Medicine

Clear Lake City Chiropractor Comments: In my 34 years of being a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), the main thing that I have learned about health, longevity, and recovering from injuries; is that movement is medicine.

When I first started treating patients in 1989, it was not uncommon for them to come to my office after being told to have a week of bedrest for their low back pain from their medical doctor. Their pain had not gotten any better and they were getting frustrated. What I noticed was that the sooner they started moving around, the sooner they started getting relief. By the early 1990’s we started seeing the surgeons and PT’s trying to get the patient moving as quickly as possible after surgeries.

I then started having my patients perform some stretches and exercises on a regular basis to prevent a reoccurrence of their problem. While it does not prevent a person from injuring themselves, it does make the recovery quicker and easier.

There are several ways to make sure that you are moving currently. A common thing nowadays is to have a fitness tracker that counts your daily steps. This challenges you to reach your steps goal every day. Several businesses promote taking walk breaks instead of coffee breaks. Taking a 10-minute break to walk around a building or office complex can greatly reduce your stress, improve your circulation, and give you mental clarity. It is common now for people to have standing desks or exercise ball chairs. These allow you to work on balance and core strength.

Find ways to increase your movement daily. This can be from taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Parking in the back of a car lot instead of up front. Sitting on the floor instead of a soft chair. Ride your bike when you can. Find any excuse to move just a little more. Your body will thank you later. 😊

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