The Neck and Headache Connection

Houston Chiropractor’s Comments: In the 20 years that I have been a chiropractor, I have noticed that patients with headaches commonly complain of neck pain. The term “cervicogenic headaches” has become an accepted term due the close connection between the head and neck for many years. There are many anatomical reasons why neck problems result in headaches. One of these reasons is that the top 3 nerves exiting the spine penetrate the muscles that connect the head to the neck, any excess pressure on these nerves by the muscles or spinal joints will result in irritation and subsequent pain. Another reason is that some of the cranial nerves affect sensation and motor function around the head, neck and face.

When patients come to our office seeking treatment for their headaches, a thorough examination of the neck, upper back and cranial nerves is routinely performed. It is common to find a decrease in the neck’s range of motion and bone alignment. Muscle tenderness is also common and contributes to the headaches and neck pain.

It is best to have your cervical spine examined by a chiropractic spine specialist to determine the cause of your pain. Specific treatment, stretches or exercises may be recommended to prevent the pain from becoming a chronic problem.
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