Is No Pain, No Gain A Smart Plan?

workout spinning class
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Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: As people begin to act on their New Year resolutions, they have a tendency to think that pain should be expected. This is not true. As you increase your activity to reach your new health goals remember 6 things.

  • Warming up – Warm muscles are far less likely to tear than cold ones. So, if you’re going out for a run, walk a bit first, then trot before you go into full running mode. Stretching your muscles, especially the ones you’re going to be using, also helps you to avoid injury.
  • Cooling down – The same is true when you end an exercise session. You can’t just automatically stop when you are finished with your workout because this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Using running as an example- slow down to a walk again before you just stop your exercise. It’s also important to stretch out those muscles again.
  • Staying hydrated – Water, water, water! Drinking water before, during and after a workout replaces fluids lost from sweating and exertion, especially important in warm or hot weather.
  • Listening to your body – Don’t continue your workout if suddenly you find yourself in pain. Your body is trying to tell you something. Ignoring it can only make it worse, so stop whatever you’re doing and give your body a few days to recover before starting up again.
  • Learning the proper technique for the workout – Make sure you know the proper technique for any new workout routine you are attempting for the first time. Correct technique is as important as warming up to avoid injury.
  • See your chiropractor – If you notice pain in your spine or joints that persist more than 3 days, see your chiropractor to make sure that your exercise did not misalign a joint. It is easier to fix a problem early than to wait and possibly cause other compensation problems.


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