The Body & Mind and Connection of Whiplash?

Clear Lake Chiropractor Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: The term “whiplash” refers to an injury to the neck muscles, the muscle attachments (tendons), ligaments, and sometimes the disks that lie between the vertebral bodies of the spine.  In a rear-end collision, the cause of whiplash occurs from a sudden, rapid acceleration of the body and neck […]

Is It Really Neck Pain?

To download a copy of this week’s newsletter, please click here. Houston Area Chiropractor Comments: A 48-year-old male had left sided neck pain with intermittent left arm tingling, numbness, and aching for 2.5 months. The pain was described as a deep nagging ache on the left side of the neck with a more intense pain […]

The Neck and Headache Connection

The Neck and Headache Connection Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Patients with headaches also commonly complain of neck pain.  This relationship is the rule, not the exception and therefore, treatment for headaches must include treatment of the neck to achieve optimum results.  The term, “cervicogenic headaches” has been an accepted term because of the intimate connection […]

Neck and Arm Pain – The Herniated Disc?

To download a copy of this newsletter, please click here. Clear Lake Doctor Comments: Patients that present with neck pain along with arm numbness, pain, and/or weakness, often ask, “…what’s causing this pain down my arm?”  The condition is often caused from a bulging or herniated disc pinching a nerve in the neck.  The cause […]

Whiplash – The Cause of Pain

To download a copy of this newsletter, please click here. Houston Chiropractor Comments: Many patients ask the question: “…why do I hurt so much now, and hardly hurt at all right after the accident?”  Another common question is: “…why neck pain after a minor car collision can last so long?”   A study that investigated […]

Your Neck is Your Life Line

Chiropractor in Clear Lake Comments: The nervous system is the master control network for your body, directing virtually every function and action, from monitoring your life needs, to precisely responding to threats to your health. Each system, from your heart and blood vessels, to your digestive and immune systems, is directed through nerve impulses originating […]

Could Neck Problems Be Affected By Your Posture?

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: While most of us have a look in the mirror at least once a day, few of us look at our appearance from a different angle, such as from the side. But, the view from the side can be quite revealing if you suffer from chronic neck pain in Houston. First, […]

Whiplash Problems Down the Road

To download a copy of this newsletter, please click here. Clear Lake Chiropractor comments: Whiplash injuries of the neck and spine commonly occur in motor vehicle collisions. Even minor impacts with little vehicle damage can put significant stress on the spinal ligaments, disks, and delicate nerves. Some people get symptoms right after the accident (which is […]

Headaches from the Neck?

To download a copy of this newsletter, please click here. Chiropractor in Clear Lake City, TX comments: Cervicogenic headache is the term used to describe a headache that has its cause in the neck region. It used to be thought headaches were caused by something in the head itself, but researchers have now learned that neck […]

Dr Beecher’s January 26 Weekly Chiropractic Newsletter

To download Dr. Beecher’s Weekly Newsletter , please click here! WEEKLY HEALTH NEWS UPDATE Week of Monday, January 26th, 2015   Mental Attitude: Are You Pre-Wired to Be Bilingual? Some brains appear to be pre-wired to acquire a second language, according investigators who analyzed MRI scans of native English speakers who were asked to study […]