The Supplements That I Take

Houston Chiropractor Comments: I get asked frequently, “What supplements do you take?” I try to eat a healthy diet with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, but I still take supplements to make sure that I receive all the nutrients that my body needs. 


The number one thing that I take is a general multivitamin. This will usually cover the minerals and essential vitamins that my body will require. This is beneficial since at times my diet may be lacking in one or more essential nutrients and this helps to support various bodily functions.


The second supplement that I take is a probiotic. This helps to promote a healthy balance of flora in your gut. This will aid in digestion, boost your immunity, and help to prevent gas and bloating.

Vitamin D

While some people get their vitamin D from sunshine, people working indoors or not spending time outside need to take a supplement to get their daily requirements. This will help with your bones, heart, mood, and immune system.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This will commonly be called a fish oil supplement. This will aid in reducing inflammation in the body as well as helping with heart, brain, and joint health. 

Supplements alone will not correct a poor diet. You should also eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and sleep, and periodically receive chiropractic care. Experience the pleasure of health.

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