What Is The Best Chiropractic Technique?

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: From time to time, I will get a new patient that has been to another chiropractor at sometime in their life. Some of these patients will mention that I adjusted them differently than their previous chiropractor, but they still got relief with my care. They will then ask me “What is the best chiropractic technique?” I have to say that it depends on the doctor. 

Chiropractic care is different than your typical care at your medical doctor. Our profession is much more hands on. We palpate the spine and examine the supporting musculature on each and every visit. This lets us know what area of the spine we need to treat with our chiropractic adjustments and what type of therapy we need to utilize or stretches to recommend.

There are a variety of different chiropractic techniques that are taught in our chiropractic colleges. Some techniques require specific instruments and some require specific tables to perform the adjustments. 

The good thing is, they all work. Their patients get relief from their pain and the condition resolved. This is because the doctor took the time to master the specific technique. If it did not work, the doctor would not still be in practice.

But just because the technique worked and the pain was resolved that is not enough. As doctors our job is to get the patient well, with lasting relief, in the shortest amount of time as possible. Some techniques get quicker results on different types of patients. 

This is why the best chiropractic technique is call diversified. The chiropractic colleges have taken the best forms of treatment from a variety of different techniques and created the diversified technique. With this technique you can find what gets the best results, in the shortest amount of time, for a variety of different patient types.

Being a doctor of chiropractic over the last 34 years has allowed me to work on over 10,000 patients. I have been able to see which techniques work the best with different patients and when I should expect results.

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