When Should I Stretch?


Houston Chiropractor Comments: I was asked this question earlier today and I had to explain my answer. I view stretching a muscle and passively taking a joint thru a motion as different. Stretching of the muscle is best done after the muscles are warmed up. I tell my patients that the best time to stretch is after your exercise is over. This is the time that I spend 5 – 20 minutes taking the muscles that I have just used and stretch them out. Some of the stretches are passive, some are active and sometimes I use machines or rolling devices. When doing these stretches remember to change up your stretching routine. You do not want to do the same motions every single time. Mix it up.

Taking a joint thru motion is different in my opinion. Long term patients know that I am a fan of taking joints thru motion when I first wake up in the morning. I do this before I even get out of bed. Since it is being done lying down, we have taken gravity out of the equation. The motions allow the little “kinks” that occur while you are sleeping to release. It also allows your body time to wake up completely. This allows you to get out of bed with the “creaks and groans” that come with age. The muscles are awakened and you minimize the risk of falls or imbalance.

Try doing both of these every day. You will find yourself energized with a decrease in muscle soreness. In addition, flexibility will help to prevent occurrences of back or joint pain and minimize the times that you need to see me. 😉

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