Being An Adult Is Hard Work

Houston Chiropractor Comments: I was recently talking to a young patient of mine about how he was doing. He told me “Being an adult is hard work.” 

I asked him what he meant by saying that. He told me that he had started a new job with good benefits, he had moved into his own apartment, and was paying his own bills. The hard part was realizing how much everything cost in money and in time. He had never realized how much groceries cost, the expense of electricity and the internet. The hours that he worked at the plant did not allow much time for hanging out with his buddies or just relaxing.

He told me that he realized that it was cheaper to cook at home and prepare his food in advance for the week. Watching baseball at home instead of going to the game saved even more.

The best thing that he told me was that he realized that he needed to take care of his body better if he was going to eventually be able to support a family. He said that the stretches that he used to only do when he was hurting, he was now doing daily. He was eating healthier at home than when he was eating fast food all the time. He was exercising regularly so that he could do his job without being sore. He was even having a somewhat regular sleep schedule. He even committed to a regular maintenance schedule for his spinal adjustments.

Being an adult can be hard work, but do not make it harder by making bad decisions about your health. You only have one body, so take care of it so that it can last.

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