Best Type Of Doctor For Neck Pain

Man in pain holding his neck

Houston Chiropractor Comments: When I am out of the office, people will ask me what the best type of doctor is for neck pain. They think that I will say that it is always a doctor of chiropractic (DC), but they are surprised with my answer.

The best type of doctor for neck pain depends on the type of neck pain.

For a simple achy pain, such as after driving several hours or spending too much time on the computer, the best type of doctor is … none. This sort of pain will typically resolve on its own. If need, you can put ice or heat (Ice Vs Heat for Injuries – Beecher Chiropractic – YouTube) on it for 20 minutes or do your neck stretches (Neck Stretches – Beecher Chiropractic – Ward Beecher DC – YouTube).

If you are having severe neck pain caused by muscle spasms that do not allow you to move your neck at all, then you should see a medical doctor. This sort of problem needs to be co-managed with medication so that the muscles can be relaxed enough so that the neck can be adjusted by a doctor of chiropractic. Luckily, most medical doctors are now willing to work with us for the benefit of their patients. Several have become patients after seeing the benefit of our care. With the appropriate muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication, the muscle will relax enough for the chiropractor to fix the cause of the problem.

For most neck pain, a chiropractor is the best doctor to get quick relief. Neck, along with low back pain, are the two most common conditions that doctors of chiropractic treat.  As a result, most chiropractors treat several hundred patients a year with neck pain with excellent results. You can get relief without the harmful side-effects of drugs and you can actually fix the cause of the problem with spinal adjustments and therapy.

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