Causes Of Tailbone Pain and How To Minimize It

Nasa Area Chiropractor Comments: One of the more painful conditions that we see and treat in our office is tailbone pain. This can be either from the sacrum or coccyx. Usually, the cause is from direct trauma. We have seen it from people slipping and falling backwards around a pool, striking an underwater rock while tubing, or landing wrong while doing cheer or gymnastics.

Initially we need to make sure through a proper examination and x-rays (if needed) that there is not a fracture. If the bone is not fractured, but instead it is out of alignment, we can help reduce the pain through spinal adjustments and using physical therapy modalities.

Sometimes the bone is not out of alignment, but instead it is just bruised. A bone bruise can cause pain for several weeks. The best thing that the patient can do is to avoid putting pressure on the bone. This is accomplished by using a donut pillow or a cushion with a sacral slot. This will allow the bone to heal while not aggravating the problem.

If the tailbone pain was not caused by trauma, we need to look at other causes. It can be caused by repeated strain on the coccyx from prolonged driving or cycling. Other causes are pilonidal cysts, anal fissure, or shingles. 

The key thing is to make the correct diagnosis first. This way we are able to determine if you can be helped via chiropractic or if you need to be referred to a medical doctor.

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