Chiropractic Care For Kids

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Pediatric chiropractic is something that often surprises patients. Some patients who grew up going to the chiropractor think that it is perfectly normal to bring their infants and young children in for regular care. Other patients wonder why someone so young needs treatment.

Newborns and young children can have a variety of issues that require chiropractic care. Some newborns are seen as a result of a birth trauma. A prolonged delivery or the use of forceps to extract the child may result in a torticollis or wry neck. Some parents just want to make sure that their child’s spine is aligned correctly without any joint adhesions or restrictions.

As the children grow older, patients find that they notice that they have a stronger immune system. They realize that they don’t get earaches as often…if at all. Their breathing issues, such as asthma, lessen. Their digestion improves.

Since a lot of childhood health issues lessen or are alleviated with chiropractic care, the children require less medication. Since the body is not being subjected to repeated cycles of medication such as antibiotics, when the child is prescribed medication…it works better.

If you are looking for a natural, drug-free form of healthcare to boost the quality of your child’s health, then chiropractic is your answer. While chiropractic will not alleviate all childhood illnesses, when a doctor of chiropractic works with an open-minded pediatrician, you will find that your child will miss less school, be healthier, and able to reach their maximum potential.

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