Chiropractic Reported Best for Back Pain Relief

Clear Lake City, TX Chiropractor Comments: As a practicing chiropractor in the Houston area since 1990, I was not surprised to see the recent positive press about chiropractic care. According to the May 2009 Consumer Reports chiropractic was voted the best in pain relief for people suffering from back pain. The actual results were:

Chiropractor- 59%
Physical therapist- 55%
Acupuncturist- 53%
Physician, specialist- 44%
Physician, primary care- 34%

This is similar to the results that I see in my office in Clear Lake City, TX. While this survey showed the patients who were “highly satisfied”, almost all of our patients are either satisfied or highly satisfied with their care. Patients are glad to find out that their headaches, back and neck pain and other complaints can be alleviated without drugs or surgery. They are also happy to find out exercises and stretches that can be done at home to prevent the problems from reoccurring. Their satisfaction makes my job all the more enjoyable. Let me know if I can make you a satisfied patient also!

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