Common Chiropractic Myths

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: I am always surprised by the chiropractic myths that still persist in 2024. Even though chiropractors perform 1 million adjustments in the USA each day, people still do not know the truth about chiropractic.

The most frequent comment that I hear is a fear of getting their necks adjusted. People think that if they get their neck adjusted, they will either have a stroke or get their neck broken. Millions of adjustments are performed each year to the cervical spine (neck) with no complications. The only way that a neck could break during a chiropractic manipulation is if there was already an underlying problem in the cervical spine such as cancer. During the exam and after reviewing x-rays, a doctor of chiropractic would diagnose this and refer the patient out for proper care. People having strokes present to the office with vascular dissection already occurring. During the exam, a modern chiropractor notes these findings and complaints and refers the patient to the emergency room instead of treating them.

Another myth is that patients believe that they have to be referred to a doctor of chiropractic from their medical physician. This is only true for HMO’s. For most patients, we are considered a primary care provider. Just like MD’s and DO’s the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) does not need a referral to treat a patient. This is different from a PT who needs a referral from a treating doctor.

A third myth is that once you go to a doctor of chiropractic, you will have to go the rest of your life. For most patients, when they come in with pain or a complaint, their chiropractor will give them a treatment plan that will explain what will happen on each visit and how long it will take. After their problem is resolved, they will be discharged. Some patients will stay with chiropractors for maintenance care because they feel better with regular adjustments. This is similar to going to your PCP for physicals and wellness visits.

A fourth myth is that chiropractors are not trusted by other doctors. This was more common in the late 1980’s when I began practicing. Over the last couple of decades, this opinion has changed greatly. Most doctors have a better understanding of what we do and the great results that we obtain. I personally have several dozen doctors and dentists as patients. Sometimes the doctors refer to us in hopes of preventing surgery or limiting the medications that a patient might need and sometimes it is for a pregnant woman hoping to avoid bedrest or to turn a breach baby. The doctors that are unaware of what we do are changing their minds once they are educated on what chiropractic is.
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