Do Not Be Offended…

Houston Chiropractor Comments: I still remember my patient saying that to me. It was followed by “But”… That never is going to end well. 😊

His whole sentence was “Do not be offended, but I think that you are a quack.” He was not trying to be mean or spiteful, but he did not have enough information to understand why he was wrong. He was a brilliant engineer who designed things for NASA and the space shuttle, but he did not understand the human body.

He went on to state that he had gone to his medical doctor and tried injections and physical therapy with no relief. A surgeon had told him that he required surgery to relieve his pain and fix his problem. A co-worker of his and his wife had both come to me and received excellent results. Because of this, his wife was pushing him to try chiropractic before undergoing the surgery.

After examining him and reviewing his x-rays and MRI’s, I believed that I could help him. After I explained my exam findings and treatment options, I told him that if he did what I suggested he should have a 30-50% reduction of his symptoms in 2 weeks and most of his symptoms should be gone in 8-weeks. 

He then told me that he would hold off on the surgery and try my treatment for 2-weeks. If he was not better, he would know chiropractors were quacks and if he was better, he would finish the care and apologize.

Well, at the end of the treatment 2 months later he came in with his wife and apologized. Since then, he was referred over a dozen patients to me and become one of my most vocal supporters. 

He has taken the time to learn what chiropractic can do and what its limitations are. He now understands what an informed decision is. 

I mention this story because I see too many people being easily offended lately about a variety of things. Instead of being offended, take the time to understand their position and explain why you might think a different way. Give people enough information so that they can make informed decisions. Instead of being offended, you might make a long-term friend like I did.

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