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Week of Monday, March 30th, 2015

Mental Attitude: Loneliness & Depression Associated with TV Binge-Watching. A recent study has found that the more lonely and depressed a person is, the more likely he or she will binge-watch TV. Researchers say that depressed individuals use this activity to move away from negative feelings and those who lack the ability to control themselves are more likely to binge-watch. This is of concern as past research has shown that obesity and other health problems are related to excessive television viewing, suggesting that binge-watching may be more than a harmless addiction.

65th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, February 2015


Health Alert: Prescription Combo Can Be Fatal for Seniors. Combining commonly prescribed antibiotics with a widely used heart medication appears to more than double the risk of sudden death in seniors, finds a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Spironolactone (Aldactone) is a common diuretic widely used in the treatment of heart failure. However, investigators have found that when trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Septra, Bactrim) is prescribed to someone on Spironolactone, it can cause blood potassium to rise to potentially life-threatening levels. Over a 17-year period, almost 12,000 people died suddenly after taking this combination of medicines and most of the patients who died were over the age of 85. The authors conclude that pharmacists and physicians must be made aware of this interaction, as it does not appear widely known at present time. Canadian Medical Association Journal, February 2015


Diet: Toddler Snacks & Meals Have Plenty of Salt & Sugar. Many prepackaged meals for toddlers contain high levels of salt, and many snacks, desserts, and juices for infants and toddlers contain added sugar. Researcher Dr. Mary Cogswell writes, “It was surprising that more than seven of ten packaged toddler meals contained too much sodium (salt)… Some parents might be surprised that a majority of infant and toddler snacks and sides, such as flavored crackers and rice cakes, contained added sugar. About half the analyzed ready-to-serve mixed grains and fruits products, such as oatmeal and fruit in a jar, contained added sugar.” She recommends preparing food for infants and toddlers as a healthier choice over prepackaged foods. Pediatrics, February 2015


Exercise: You May Want to Take it Easy When Jogging. After following 1,000 healthy joggers and 4,000 healthy non-joggers for a decade, researchers claim that those who jog 1-2.4 hours per week were 71% less likely to die during the study period than non- joggers. However, they found no mortality benefits when comparing more strenuous joggers to the non-joggers in the study. Study researcher Dr. Jacob Marott adds, “We believe that long-term strenuous endurance exercise may induce pathological structural remodeling of the heart and large arteries.” Journal of the American College of Cardiology, February 2015


Chiropractic: Improvement in Chronic Hypertension Following Cervical Adjustment. A 55-year-old male with a history of chronic hypertension that did not respond to medical management presented for a trial of chiropractic care. After receiving an upper cervical adjustment using a specific chiropractic protocol, his blood pressure progressively lowered. The findings support the possible use of chiropractic care in the management of unresolved chronic hypertension.

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, January 2015


Wellness/Prevention: Probiotic Pill May Help Diabetics. Researchers claim that a study involving rats demonstrates that a modified strain of “friendly” human gut bacteria called Lactobacillus appears to have instigated a process that converted cells in the intestinal lining to behave like pancreatic beta cells and release insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. In the study, the rats that received the modified probiotic had blood glucose levels up to 30% lower than rats that did not receive the probiotic. The researcher’s hopes to one day develop a probiotic pill for human use that diabetic patients could take each morning to help manage and possibly cure their condition. Diabetes, February 2015


Quote: “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” ~ Stephen King


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