How To Maintain Your Wrist Health While on a Computer

Houston Chiropractor Comments: Anyone who has spent time typing on a computer knows that it can make your forearms sore, your wrists achy, and even lead to tingling and numbness in your hand.

The modern office / school environment has people spendings hours every day on a keyboard. This leads to a variety of aches and pains. People present to our Houston, Texas office wearing wrist braces and being told that they need injections or even possible carpal tunnel release surgery.

In addition, they have tried using different keyboards, wrist pads, and even changing their keyboard location. 

Most of the time, after examining the patient, we find that it is actually tight muscles from holding the wrists at an unnatural position for hours at a time. The problem is usually resolved with a couple sessions of therapy and then showing the patient how to stretch the wrist correctly so that the problem does not reoccur.

Here is a video for our home stretching program.

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