You Shouldn’t Have To Suffer To Look Good

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: During this time of the year I have many patients dressing up for proms and graduations. Unfortunately, several of my patients have injured themselves just trying to “look good”. Looking fashionable should not be painful. The next time you have to get dressed up for a prom, banquet or wedding, keep a couple fashion tips in mind.


You do not have wear your grandmother’s orthopedic shoes, but wearing high heels puts an unnatural strain on your lower back. It also increases the likelihood of falls and can lead to hammertoes. A nice low heal or flat will be better on your spine and minimize the chance of falling.


How your clothes fit will also have an effect on how you feel. Tight and restrictive clothes will limit your motion and make it difficult for your body to bend in its normal manner. The restrictive motion will also put additional strain on your joints.


Extra weight is also a problem. I am not talking about your weight, but the weight of large purses, necklaces or earrings. Extra weight puts a strain on your muscles and joints. The necklaces and earrings put an additional strain on your neck muscles and joints. This can lead to neck and upper back pain as well as headaches. The purse should be small and the strap utilized. Attention should be made to switch the side that you are carrying the purse on periodically to prevent a muscle imbalance


These tips may seem trivial, but they have a direct effect on your health and wellbeing.


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