The Chiropractor’s Effect On Emotional Health

Houston Chiropractor Comments: An aspect of chiropractic care that most people do not expect is the effect that we can have on a patient’s emotional health. The effect is similar to what some people feel when they get a massage, the emotions just come out. It can be very cathartic for the patient.

When I was an intern during my chiropractic training, several of us noted that a patient would start laughing or crying after we worked on a muscle or performed a chiropractic adjustment on them. This because some patients tend to store their stress and tension in specific muscles or areas of the spine. 

Over time I have noticed that if a specific injury keeps someone from doing the things they like, that area has a greater probability of storing emotional trauma. Patients that have had a chronic joint problem that caused them to stop playing their favorite sport will sometimes have an emotional release when they are finally able to move their joint and return to the sport that they love. One of the more common areas is when people have repeatedly twisted their ankle. When we can restore their joint range of motion or breakup the scar tissue in their ankle or calf muscles the tears of joy are very rewarding. 

The most extreme emotions I have noticed are from patients that have been taking care of a loved one for months or years. They have so much stress and tension built up in their body that when it is finally released the emotions just flow out. This is another part of the healing process, but most people do not like to talk about.

Not only does the chiropractic adjustment help increase the joints range of motion, it can help reduce the tension in the muscle, and allow endorphins to be released to aid in the complete healing of the patient.

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