What To Expect On Your First Chiropractic Visit

Clear Lake Chiropractor Comments: Most patients have no idea what to expect on their first visit to a chiropractor. If they are lucky, they have a basic idea of what will happen from the person or doctor that referred them, but they are not sure exactly what will occur. Some patients have just heard good things about chiropractic and want to try it no matter what the visit entails. Other people have no idea what will go on, they just know that the traditional medical approach isn’t giving them the permanent relief that they want.

First chiropractor visit

The first visit at my office is very similar to any orthopedic doctor’s office. After the new patient paperwork is filled out you are brought to an exam room. At the start of the visit, I will ask if you have any questions that I can answer before I start asking you about your complaint. Most people don’t have any questions, but it is easier to answer their inquiries at the beginning so that they don’t forget what it is that they want to ask me.

The next part of the visit is taking a history of what is bothering you. Finding out what caused your problem, if anything makes it better / worse, and any treatments you have already tried. This will help me to determine what type of examination I need to perform.

The next part of the visit is the examination. This involves several nerve and orthopedic tests to determine what is actually causing the pain or problem. At this point I will be able to determine if this is a case that I can help so that that I can begin treating, do I need to take an x-ray / order an MRI, do I need to refer you to a different type of doctor, or can you resolve the problem on your own with proper stretches and exercises.

If we can treat you, we will go over the various options. This may involve spinal adjustments, physical modalities such as ice/heat, muscle stimulation, traction, or ultrasound or various exercises and stretches. If we cannot treat you, we will tell you what you can do and / or refer you to the appropriate doctor.

In summary, your first visit here is just like any other doctor’s office. We are just trying to find out if we can get you well without the need for drugs and / or surgery. Most people are relieved to find out that they can get relief on their first visit.

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