Chiropractic Maintenance Care


Houston Chiropractor Comments: One of the most common questions we get from our patients is how do they keep from having their problem reoccur. When they are in pain or having problems, they have some symptom that tells them that they need to come in to the office for treatment, but what do they do when they are not having those symptoms.

When patients first come to my office in Houston, TX, I first tell them what I can do for them, what they can do for themselves, and anything that they should not do to aggravate their condition.

After the patient’s problem has been resolved, the hard part begins. People need to become proactive to help minimize the possibility of the problem reoccurring. The first thing to do is to perform some regular stretches and exercises of the problem area. We show patients how to get the maximum benefit from stretching in the least amount of time. Most areas of the body can be stretched in 3-5 minutes, if you do the correct stretches in the correct order. Then it is a matter of strengthening the muscles that support the previously damaged area.

The next thing to do for maintenance is to make sure that you are not doing things that can cause problems. This would be things such as having a poor mattress and pillow, having your computer at the wrong height, sleeping in an awkward position, or carrying a large purse / computer bag on one shoulder.

Finally, it is making sure that any spinal problems are fixed before they start causing symptoms. Most chiropractors recommend that patients are seen for some periodic maintenance care with one time a month being average for non-acute conditions. In addition to adjusting your spine to correct any developing problems, your chiropractor can make sure that you are performing your regular stretches and exercises correctly. They can also answer most medical questions that you might have.

If you take care of your spine and maintain your health, you can minimize future health costs and complications. Make sure to experience the pleasure of health.

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