Common Questions About Chiropractic

Houston Chiropractor Comments: I was talking to my staff today and one of them mentioned that when she talks about chiropractic to people out of the office, they often have questions or concerns. Some of these concerns are based on lack of knowledge about chiropractic and some are based on “fake news”.

Common Questions about Chiropractic

The most common concern that she mentioned was that people think that they will get paralyzed or have a stroke if they get their neck adjusted. This is not true. This is why chiropractors pay the lowest amount for their malpractice insurance compared to other doctors. Chiropractic adjustments do not paralyze you or cause a stroke. A review of medical literature showed that in the rare case of a patient suffering a stroke, the artery was already dissecting when they arrived at the office complaining of neck or head pain. This also occurs in medical doctors’ offices. In both cases it needs to be quickly diagnosed and referred to a hospital for prompt treatment.

The second most common concern is that if they start chiropractic care they will have to keep coming in for the rest of their lives. This is also not true. In our office the goal is to get you out of pain and then give you the tools, via stretching and exercises, to keep you pain free without any spinal complaints. Some people choose to be seen periodically on a maintenance basis because they enjoy feeling good and operating at their maximum potential, but it is their choice. Several patients have stated thru the years that by getting periodic “tune-ups” they have been able to decrease their medication and the need to see other medical doctors.

The final concern that some people have is hearing the “popping” noise when they get adjusted. They think that the noise is bones being ground together when in fact it is just gas inside the joint. It is similar to the sound that occurs when you open up a bottle of Coke. It is gas quickly changing pressure. If you tried to adjust the joint again, just like opening the bottle of Coke again, it would not make the noise. If hearing the noise still bothers you, there are ways to adjust the spine without making any noise. 😊

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