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Week of Monday, August 1, 2011

Mental Attitude: City Living And Stress. Being born and raised in a major urban area is associated with greater lifetime risk for anxiety and mood disorders. Two distinct brain regions that regulate emotion and stress are affected by city living. Risk for anxiety disorders is 21% higher for city people, who also have a 39% increase for mood disorders.
Nature, June 2011

Health Alert: Out-Of-Pocket! Roughly 1 of every 6 Americans age 18-64 reported using more than 10% of their total family income to pay for health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2010

Diet: Fat Substitutes? Fat substitutes used in snack foods to help people control weight may have the opposite effect. Substitutes are meant to mimic the taste of fat, while providing fewer calories, but they confuse the body. When rats consumed a fat substitute, learned signals that could help control food intake were disrupted, and the rats gained weight. Tastes normally alert the body to expect calories, and when those calories aren’t present we believe the systems become ineffective and the body’s mechanisms to control food intake can slow.
American Psychological Association, June 2011

Exercise: Exercise Pays Again! Brain cancer patients who are able to exercise live longer than sedentary patients. In a population of patients with advanced recurrent gliomas (lethal brain malignancies that result in a median life expectancy of less than 6 months), those who exercised – the equivalent of an energetic walk five days a week for 30 minutes – had significantly prolonged survival, living a median 21.84 months vs. 13.03 months for the most sedentary patients.
Journal of Clinical Oncology, June 2011

Chiropractic: Soft Tissue Issue? Most patients think chiropractors work on bone, when in fact we use the bones as levers to pull the muscle quickly to help it relax. Here is an example of the profound effects that can be derived from manipulating muscle. Lorraine Clapham, a physiotherapist, discovered that manually moving muscles in the faces of patients with ‘dead’ nerves helped maintain muscle metabolism and prevent wastage. Such movement could help patients struck by a syndrome or who had undergone surgery make a quicker recovery.
Journal of Laryngology & Otology, June 2011

Wellness/Prevention: Marijuana Smokers, Think About It. Long term, heavy marijuana use affects peoples’ impulsivity, attention, memory, cognition and decision-making abilities. Marijuana users have a blunted response to losing while gambling. They don’t figure out a strategy to avoid losses and this is associated with a decreased functional brain response to negative information that guides non-users to make safer choices. The bottom line is: they don’t care as much if they lose. Psychiatry Research, January 2011

Quote: “At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
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