Easing Back Pain With Pool Exercises

Houston Chiropractor Comments: As the summer heat rises, people find ways to spend more time in the pool. In addition to being relaxing and a great way to unwind, it also offers ways to help ease your back pain.

The easiest exercise to perform in the pool is walking. You can walk across the pool or you can walk in place. The water will help to support your weight and give you a little extra balance. Once you are comfortable with walking for 10 minutes, you can add some lunges or even begin to jog.

Once you are comfortable going forward, you can work additional muscles by going side-ways and by going backwards.

Another exercise is to either use a kickboard or to hold on to the side of the pool and kick. While doing this, try to keep your back straight and to engage your core muscles. Try to work up to being able to do this for 60 seconds and then rest.

In the shallow area of the pool, try and do some deep knee bends or squats. You can also use the stairs of the pool or place a chair in the water. Try to keep your back straight and squat down like you would be sitting in a chair. Try to not lean forward while doing this. The goal is 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

You can also work your stomach and core muscles. Stand with your back against the side of the pool with your arms spread wide out of the water. Begin by slowly raising your leg one at a time as high as you can with your leg straight. When that gets easier, you can slowly raise both legs while trying to keep your core engaged by trying to pull your belly button towards your spine. The goal is 3 sets of 10 repetitions. 

Finally, you can do modified push-ups by either using the side of the pool or the stairs / ladder. Concentrate on keeping your back straight while touching your chest on the pool and then fully extending your arms. The goal is 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

These are the basic motions. Once these are easy, try adding different movements. Almost all motion is good, just add new motions gradually.

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