Goals and Expectations

Houston Chiropractor Comments: January is the time of the year that people set their fitness goals. Some people have the goal of losing weight. For some it is becoming stronger. Others wish to become more flexible. Still others wish to train for a specific event like a 5K fun run or hiking trails. These goals are all excellent, but for some people the expectation of when they see results should be realistic.

As people get older, it takes longer to get the results that we expect. We remember how much weight we use to lift at the gym. We recall how fast we use to run or how far. Some people have not ever really exercised before, but have read an article or saw an exercise video and think that those results should be easily obtainable.

This time of the year we see too many patients who have various sprain and strain injuries or even muscle tears. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. Lift a little less than you think. Run a little slower than you want. Aim for losing 1-2 pounds a week instead of 4-5. Do your program once correctly instead of having to constantly restart after you hurt yourself or binge eat.

This also leads to having realistic goals on your recovery. Patients tend to think that since their injury came on quickly, they should recover immediately. Unfortunately having your complaint resolve in 1 visit doesn’t happen always. Just because you had a low back injury resolve in 2 weeks 20 years ago doesn’t mean that you will respond the same this time. 

After we examine you, we will be able to set realistic goals for improvement and recovery and what your expectation should be for relief should be. Do your therapy correctly the first time and we won’t have to work around any exacerbations or aggravations.

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