Headaches from Forward Head Posture

Clear Lake Area Chiropractor Comments:  John Q. Public has been trained to believe that headache is a problem in the head and headache treatment and relief comes in a bottle.

While it’s true that pain medications can bring relief for a pounding headache, they rarely get at the actual cause of the problem. You have to also consider the long-term problems that can occur when you take these types of pills for years or even decades. Some long-term complications include stomach bleeding, liver and kidney problems. Plus there is the problem of not actually correcting anything and instead masking the symptoms. Pain pills are not one of the five food groups.

For many patients, the problem is not one in the head, but may have a spinal cause. Let me explain how this works…. Normally, the neck is balanced over the shoulders in an upright manner. Some people, however, they develop forward head posture where the head protrudes out away from the shoulder girdle-it looks like the bad posture your mother told to avoid. It is the slouching or turtle problem- your neck should now come out of the front of your chest. This type of posture is often seen in computer operators and others who bend over to do their work. Whiplash injuries can also create this forward head posture by disrupting the natural curve of the neck.

Over time the muscles at the back of the neck become tight and start to tug and pull at the base of the skull. This can cause head pain. Sometimes it’s a dull ache with a burning type of pain full of tension. In other patients, the headache may be more throbbing and to one side. The important thing is to address the actual cause of the problem. This is where chiropractic care is key. By correcting the forward head posture, the head is more balanced over the shoulders. Many patients will report less tension in their shoulder and upper back muscles which were really working over time.

At Beecher Chiropractic Clinic, I try to get at the cause of headaches. Usually it’s not a lack of pills in the diet, and in most patients simply correcting their posture can bring relief. Only a comprehensive examination of the full spine will determine if the cause of your headaches is spinal, and whether chiropractic will be the best option for you to regain your health.

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