Your Low Back Pain Diagnosis And Why It Is Important

Houston Chiropractor Comments: With any health condition, most doctors agree an accurate diagnosis is important. But with low back pain, it seems that many sufferers postpone the visit to the doctor in hopes that it will go away on its own. It’s no wonder many patients take this approach, since advertisements continually tell us that relief comes in a bottle of little pills. We are almost led to believe that finding out what is wrong with our back is of little importance, that we just need to block the pain, and get on with our lives.

But we need to understand that pain is a signal the body puts out to get our attention-to tell us to take it easy, move less and so on. Despite what pill advertisers would like you to believe, pain is not the problem, it is a signal there is a problem.

If you don’t immediately reach for the pain pills, then maybe you think taking to bed rest for a couple of days and saying the five magic words, “…maybe it will go away..,” would do the trick? Sometimes it does help the pain, but this approach rarely helps the actual problem. Doing this over and over can actually lead to more significant problems, because you are not getting the care you need. A reason why you may not be getting the care you need, is because no one has actually diagnosed what is actually the problem.

And when one says diagnose, that doesn’t mean looking you over from behind a desk and handing you a prescription for some strong medications. While talking over how you’ve been doing is important, it is not a thorough examination. In our office we will attempt to determine the CAUSE of your pain…and not surprisingly, it’s rarely a lack of pills in your diet. We perform mechanical tests to see how your spine moves and when necessary perform imaging studies such as x-rays, to see the positions of the bones in your spine.

Sometimes, a consultation is all that is needed to see if you may be a good candidate for specific chiropractic care. Or maybe you would just like to see what kinds of techniques and services we offer in our office? Please remember that an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your pain is the first step to getting back your quality of life. Dr. Ward Beecher practices at Beecher Chiropractic Clinic at 1001 Pineloch, Ste 700 Houston, TX 77062. You can schedule an appointment at or by calling (281) 286-1300. If you have any questions regarding this blog, please e-mail them to .