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Week of Monday, August 29th, 2011

Mental Attitude: Do You Believe In Magic? Being overweight is associated with negative health consequences and social stigmas. To cope with these pressures and expectations, consumers engage in various forms of “magical thinking.” They describe weight loss as being influenced by mysterious forces; a body that “conspires” against them or food that “seduces” them. They hope good deeds will be rewarded (like eating chips after eating cabbage soup all day) and resort to “magical solutions” like fad diets. Journal of Consumer Research, May 2011

Health Alert: How Long Will You Live? While the world’s leading industrialized nations report considerable increases in life expectancy annually, the majority of US counties do not. Despite the fact that the US spends more on healthcare per capita than any other nation, 80% of US counties have fallen further behind the life expectancy average of the top ten countries in the world. High obesity rates, smoking status and other preventable risk factors are key factors in America’s poor life expectancy figures, rather than the size of the country, economics or racial diversity. Top 5 In Life Expectancy:1. Iceland, 2. Switzerland, 3. Sweden, 4. Japan, 5. Australia, 37. USA. Population Health Metrics, 2011

Diet: Watch What Your Kids Eat. 8% of US children have some kind of food allergy, 38.7% of those have a history of severe reactions, while 30.4% are allergic to several foods. Symptoms in a severe reaction may include wheezing and anaphylaxis, when the patient finds it hard to breathe and has an abrupt drop in blood pressure. The most common allergens for children were found to be peanuts, milk and shellfish. Pediatrics, June 2011

Exercise: Stay Fit! A person 70 pounds overweight will spend $30,000 extra in their lifetime for health care!
Scientific American, March 2011

Chiropractic: Recommended To Treat Headaches. This study compared the effects of spinal manipulation and pharmaceutical treatments for chronic tension headaches. Four weeks following the cessation of treatment, the pharmaceutical group demonstrated no improvement from the baseline. In the spinal manipulation group, headache intensity dropped 32 percent; frequency dropped 42 percent; and there was an overall improvement of 16 percent in functional health status. Journal of Manipulative Physiotherapy, 1995

Wellness/Prevention: Soda Consumption. Sweet drinks are linked to higher rates of: obesity, Type 2 diabetes, dental decay and low consumption of essential nutrients (malnutrition). Soft drinks with caffeine can cause anxiety and sleep disruption, and soft drinks with sodium benzoate can lead to hyperactivity and DNA damage. Soda consumption per person per year: 1. US: 216 liters, 2. Ireland: 126 liters, 3. Canada: 119.8 liters, 16. Italy: 50.2 liters,
17. France: 37.2 liters, 18. Japan: 21.6 liters. A 12oz can of soda contains 150 calories, an average adult needs to walk for about 23 minutes non-stop to burn those calories. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, June 2011

Quote: “The greatest folly is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.” ~ A. Schopenhauer

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